Boeing, is it full steam ahead?

Boeing More Room to Run

March has been a good month for Boeing’s stock. Can the momentum continue and does the share price have more room to run?

Boeing’s 2021 Outlook

We are big believers in keeping it simple. There is nothing worse to a trader or investor than over-think. As the Covid 19 pandemic enters it’s first year of existence, there is burnout. Burnout of staying in one place, burnout of not traveling, burnout on pretty much all levels of living in a cooped up space.

Boeing is Undervalued & Has Room to Run

The world is opening, people will be getting back to normal and travel will explode. All the major airliners will be updating their fleets as many have been able to re-finance debt and are flux with cash. We see this benefiting Boeing, orders are slowly ramping up, with orders outpacing cancellations last month for the first time in more than a year. This positivity creep is in its initial stages and we see it continuing, and possibly getting stronger as we advance through the 2021 calendar year. Therefore, we see the share price of Boeing (BA) as BULLISH with much more room to run.